We Have This Magnetic Black Sand Which Is Made Up Of Magnatite And Hematite. We Do Not Know The Exact Composition But We Do Know That It Can Be Either, Or Both With Other Natural Materials. Both Magnetite And Hematite Are Oxides Of Iron. These Are Rather Complex Inorganic Compounds That Can Occur In Various Forms.  There Can Be Valuable Metals In Black Sands That Are Magnetic - For Example, Some Of The Platinum Group Metals Can Exhibit Mild Magnetic Qualities.

This Stuff Is Just Plain Fun, Recover The Fine Gold From It, Use It  For Therapy, Kids Science Project, Model Trains, Landscape Architecture, Scale Models, Many Different Uses!  

Tellurium Is A Metal That No One Knows Much About. , Although It Is Not A Precious Metal It Has A Lot Of The Same Chemical Properties As Gold. It Forms Natural Salts With Gold Called Telluride's. Some Of The Most Valuable Gold Ores In Existence Occur In The Form Of Telluride's. You Might Think That It Is Common Knowledge That Gold Comes Combined With Mercury, Silver, Copper, And So Forth On A Regular Basis. These Are Actually Amalgams And Are Not "Chemically Combined". In Other Words, They Are Not Another Completely Different Chemical. They Are Simply Mixtures, Not Another Compound. Tellurium, Gold, Silver And Some Other Metals Can React To Form Telluride's.

Use Black Sands As An Agricultural Soil Additive, A Potted Plant Enhancing Material And A Ground Cover.

This Stuff Is Great For "Sand  Baths".  Sand Baths Were Formerly Used For Treating Gout, Rheumatism, Bright's Disease, Metal Intoxication And So Forth. The Sand Can Be Heated Or Cooled For Therapeutic Effect. The Material Cools And Warms Slowly. Can Easily Be Heated In Microwave Or Cooled In  Freezer.

 Use It For Running Ones Hands Or Feet Through, Feels Amazing. Perfect For Relieving Stress  
The Magnetite Sand is then screened to minus 20, (anything that falls thru a 20 mesh screen,=20 holes per Sq Inch) and is then again pulled with a magnet to further refine the material to 98% magnetics.
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