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Rumble On The River

Hey Folks! Make plans to attend this important event!

occupy 2 revised

Occupy ‘2’ Rumble on the River

Dredge Rally

July 3 – 12, 2015

Join us in taking back our mining rights. We need you there! Idaho mining rights will be lost without your help! Let’s make it known that we do NOT agree with this over regulation! Located on the south fork of the Payette River in Garden Valley, ID.

Contact for more information.

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Scout 12 Volt Highbanker Winner

Hey everyone my name is Bill Saffran, as you might know I won a “Scout” 12 volt highbanker from Prospectors Choice about a month ago. I had wanted to take it out immediately but mother nature hasn’t been playing nice with the east coast lately. Fortunately yesterday it finally broke 50 degrees! To make it better I was off work! So off to my spot I went. Now my spot inst easy to get to at all. From where I park you have to hike down a trail that descends roughly 200′ in less than a quarter mile. That being said I didn’t have any problems getting the Scout down into and out of my spot. And my setup time was all of maybe 5 minutes. I ran for about 4 hours with my deep cycle marine battery and had no problems. Right out of the box this highbanker has proved itself to me. I tested my tailings twice and each time there was no loss of gold at all! That’s saying something because most of my gold is about the size of a grain of sand with a rare flat piece the size of a pencil tip. This machine caught it all! If you are looking for a portable, easy to use, well made highbanker to check a spot that no one would be able to get to previously with anything larger than a pan. This is an excellent machine designed and built specifically for that purpose. I will post pics soon.

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What’s the difference in sluice box riffle?

Our Riffle Trays (l-r): Explorer, Maverick, and Scout.

The most common and often asked question we get is, “What is the difference between all the sluices?”

One of the primary differences is in Sluice Box Riffle system.

We have 3 kinds of Riffle Tray Systems, each having their own specific uses.


Explorer riffle
Explorer riffle

Explorer Model, uses a “Rod Riffle” design and 1/4″ raised expanded with a rubber matting.


Maverick riffle tray
Maverick riffle tray

Maverick Model, uses a “Flat Riffle” design and 1/2″ raised expanded with carpet.


Scout Riffle Tray
Scout Riffle Tray

Scout Model, uses a “Drop Riffle,” or “Hungarian Style Riffle” design and 1/2″ expanded with carpet.

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Really Impressed With Clean-up Sluice

Just wanted to let you know I am really impressed with the sluice and clean-up sluice I recently received from you. My wife had a small bucket of sand and gravel that she got from our local little river this summer, and as it’s -35 degrees today in northern Alberta, I set everything up in the living room to try it out.  First through the sluice, then washed out the mats and ran it through the clean up sluice.  I was shocked to find seven little pickers of gold. As I said, we have a river by our farm, and I also have a gold claim in the southern interior of B.C. After today’s experience, I am going to turn a spare room in our house into a place to process paydirt from both places for next winter. I tried all this past spring and summer to buy a sluice box, but none of your competitors would ship to Canada. I even had one ordered from a Canadian distributor since March that never came.
 Thank you so much for making such a good easy to use product that really works and for shipping to your northern neighbors. –David Adams
You’re very welcome, and thanks for the words of encouragement; we are really happy with our system(s), and it’s nice to hear from the users of it.  We really like pictures too.  We are managing through our winter here also, high’s around 72 and lows of 40’s….  so we don’t have to worry about our water freezing quite yet.

Stay warm and hope you find tons of gold 🙂 As always let us know if there is ANYTHING we can help with 🙂
–Prospectors Choice
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Rye Patch Nugget Shoot 2014

Here is a letter from the GPAA of Northern Nevada and the Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club, thanking Prospectors Choice for participating in the Rye Patch Nugget Shoot 2014

On behalf of GPAA of Northern Nevada, Reno; the Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club; the Rye Patch State recreation area; the Rye Patch State Park Rangers (Jim and Josh) and all the participants at this year’s Rye Patch Nugget Shoot, we want to thank you for your donation. This event was designed to be a free day of events to “Celebrate Nevada’s Mining Heritage” and as such it exceeded our expectations.

Even though Mother Nature showed her hand with wind, rain and thunder and lightning over 300 participants took part in the Rye Patch Nugget Shoot and over 500 people attended the event held at Rye Patch State Recreation Area. Participants represented families and individuals from ten different states including Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, Arkansas, California, Washington and Montana. We have, and continue to receive, comments from participants regarding how unique and well organized the event was and the quality of the prizes awarded. This year, we were able to provide thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes which included metal detectors, mining equipment, gold splatter, silver rounds, gift cards and numerous other donations. We also had prizes for children that included metal detectors, gold mining equipment and numerous other toys and prizes.

In addition to the metal detecting hunt, we were able to give hands-on demonstrations on how to pan and sluice along with drywashing techniques, show and explain how old mining equipment was used and teach the art of metal detecting. Geologists were on hand to talk about the formation of gold and silver in its natural form. Women in Mining were present to explain their contributions to the mining industry. Our metal detecting hunt for kids was well attended with over 20 children and their families being introduced to metal detecting and Nevada’s Great mining heritage.

In particular, we want to recognize and thank Prospectors Choice for your contribution. Your donation helped make the Rye Patch Nugget Shoot a truly free family event and a resounding success. Even more importantly, participants arrived several days early and stayed after the event providing much needed financial support for both the park and surrounding Counties.

Thank you for your support, without which the event would not have been the success it was. We are looking forward to your continued support next year when we hold the 2015 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot at the Rye Patch State recreation area.

Thank you for the sponsorship.

President Larry Robbins, GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno, Inc.
President: Glen Meyers, Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club

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We appreciate our veterans

Recently had the privilege of helping the wife of a veteran, giving us a chance to give back and show our appreciation for his service in a small way:

Buyer message: This sluice is for my disabled veteran husband. I cannot afford anything more. I hope you are able to accept this bid. If not I understand.

Dear prospectorschoice,

Thank you sooo much! It is a gift for him. He used to be a real outdoorsman but he cannot do so much anymore, but he loves being outdoors! We went panning a while ago and I able to do the harder work and he can sit and pan and he doesn’t see it as him being not able to do something. I told him I am not good at the panning part. 🙂 He loves the time outdoors and feels like he is having an adventure, which has done a lot for his emotional state. I want to tell you how much this means to me and he is going to love this. It is going to be used to keep him up moving and back outdoors where he is happiest. You are the best 🙂

– dnew1770

Dear prospectorschoice,

I am sorry, for some reason I don’t know if I paid their right invoice. I didn’t seem to find one that I could definitively decide was from you. I had to uninstall and install the ebay app twice. I paid and invoice please let me know if I am right. Thanks.

– dnew1770

Dear dnew1770,

You go the right one, we picked up the shipping on this for you. Is this a gift for your husband? If so, we hope he likes it. And tell him thank-you from us 😉

Dear prospectorschoice,

I just wanted to thank you again we got the package. I was going to wait until Christmas but he was having a rough emotional time, so I gave it to him early. We went to our favorite spot and I dug some paydirt for him. He spent afternoons this week out in the driveway, sitting and working what I dug. He is in a much better frame of mind and even found some gold!

Thanks so much!  I would have never been able to afford it without your generosity.


– dnew1770

Dear dnew1770,

You’re very welcome, and thank your husband for us! 🙂

If you are a veteran, we are happy to give you a 5% discount on your purchase.

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Mini High Banker is Great-Looking Unit

mini high banker
California Miners for Responsible Minerals Collection / Dredging raves about our mini high banker

Here is the mini high banker from Prospectors Choice! Great looking little unit! Can’t wait to see how it performs! Thanks, Prospectors Choice!!

California Miners for responsible minerals collection / Dredging

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I LOVE this recirculating sluice

“I recently purchased one of your recirculating sluices and need to let you know that I have been sluicing for many years for fine gold and I LOVE this little machine …we had it running all weekend and kept testing for it loosing gold and nothing! We prospect on the North Saskatewan River in Alberta Canada and the gold there is very fine…The set up was quick and recovery awesome!  Keep up the great work! If I ever need another machine I will be back!”–Robert from Alberta