Combination Units

Combination Units, Multipurpose.

Everything you need to run gold bearing gravels in many different ways.

  • Prospectors Choice Combo Gold Sluice Box, 12 volt high banker, river sluice with flare.
  • Complete with stand, hopper section, flare and pump.

We first start with our standard sluices with 3″ tall sides, and combine it with a flare for capturing more water.

This can be used with or without the flare for different conditions on the river. Flare is easily removed and attached with simple bolts and wing nuts.

Combo 1200 with flare
Combo 1200 with flare

By adding the frame and leg system and attaching the hopper, the sluice converts to a high banker, recirculating power sluice.

Combo 1200 Frame & Legs with Hopper
Combo 1200 Frame & Legs with Hopper

The Header Box, Or Cap, contains the water delivery system. Standard hose connections make it simple to hook up to supplied 12 volt pump. Can be run with continuous flow of water, such as from stream or other body of water. Also may be used as a recirculating sluice.


Combined with 8″ of our heavy duty assay matting, glued in place with high strength glue, and combined with premium waterproof silicone, allows sluice to be shovel fed, while allowing for easy and quick identification of GOLD!


Material then flows over 4 all steel, 1/2″ tall riffle’s, with attached expanded metal, all held in place with simple wing nuts, which can then be reversed to hold sluice in place in river.

Combo 1200 riffles
Combo 1200 riffles

Combo 1200

  • Powered by a 12 VDC 4.0 amps pump,
  • 30″ long sluice, 10″ wide with 3″ sides,
  • Combined frame and independent adjustable legs,
  • Flare kit, and all Hardware needed.
Combo 1200
Combo 1200


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2 thoughts on “Combination Units

  1. what do i need to change my 28 in sluice into a highbanker/

    1. Fairly easily, The sluice first needs to be mounted to our unique frame system with adjustable legs, by simply lining it up and drilling a few holes in the frame. Then either a small back cap to close the end of the sluice needs to be mounted and bolted in place, which allows for a hopper section to deliver the water to the sluice is mounted. Or we also have a simple water delivery system that just slips into the end of the sluice. the bolt on hopper has a classifying screen which classifies materiel to 12/” and smaller. All of this requires a drill with a 1/4″ drill bit, and about 15 minutes of time. As always we are only a phone call, or email away for more information

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