Power Sluice

As seasoned recreational prospectors of the dry sonora desert, we are always looking for ways to improve our gold gathering methods. Over the years we have tried many a thing. We offer for your consideration some of the things that have helped us find that elusive yellow metal, gold. Made by prospectors for prospectors.

Ok gang we finally got around to it. All the testing is done and for those of you who have been asking, we have for you the new, bigger high banker, in the alluvial sluice design.

Alluvial Sluice High Banker

Power Sluice High Banker
Power Sluice High Banker

The alluvial effect creates a continuously lowering water pressure zone, allowing gold of different sizes and weights, to drop out of suspension at different intervals. This sluice box works by a constant capture system. We have focused on the entire length of the sluice box as being one big capture element.

The alluvial sluice is a superior gold recovery machine in terms of accuracy, speed, portability & value when compared with similar products.

Combo 1200 Frame & Legs with Hopper
Combo 1200 Frame & Legs with Hopper

“Hello-this is Will from Keizer, Oregon. I bought your recirculating sluice awhile back and just wanted to say how awesome that thing works. I love it!! I have found all kinds of small gold with it. Thanks again”

“i recently purchased one of your recirculating sluices and need to let you know that i have been sluicing for many years for fine gold and i love this little machine …we had it running all weekend and kept testing for it loosing gold and nothing! we prospect on the north saskatewan river in alberta canada and the gold there is very fine…the set up was quick and recovery awesome! keep up the great work! if i ever need another machine i will be back!”

We are not a huge manufacturing shop, we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. Each is handmade. we started by trying to improve our methods of extracting the gold from our concentrates. After about the 10th generation of sluice, we settled on this design.

Each Sluice Measures 23″ X 131/2″ Overall With Legs

Sluice is 7″ & 10″ For Widths

98% of the sluice boxes out there are built straight. There is no flow difference from the start to the finish. The Water’s velocity is the same from head to tail.  Taken directly from mother nature is the concept of an Alluvial Fan, or Plain, with the Alluvial Sluice box design, we take advantage of a continuous slowing of water current, dropping more gold, just like in nature, the dropping from suspension of heavier materials could not be more verified.

The sluice or trough(s) of these are made from lightweight, rugged premium-grade, 5052, 16 gauge (1/16’) aluminum. It has a high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance, perfect for marine atmospheres.

The header box, or cap, contains the water delivery system. The operator has the ability to process different types/sizes of material. the shallow tapered sides allow for easy access. Standard hose connections make it simple to hook up to supplied 12 volt pump. Can be run with continuous flow of water, such as from stream or other body of water. Also maybe used as a recirculating sluice.

New removable Hungarian style riffle tray, and the primary flat classifier, are 1/2″ expanded steel.

Just like its smaller version, the gold bearing gravels fall onto a secondary classifier, which allows -1/8 pass through to a backed, black miners moss type carpet, grabbing the fine gold before it has the chance to bounce down the sluice with the larger rocks, eliminating the chances of the larger rocks from knocking them loose.

The material then flows over black ribbed carpet.

The black background shows high-contrast material such as gold very well. all this is covered and held in place with 1/2″ raised expanded steel. Helping to catch all gold particles.

Hinged riffle tray allows for easy, quick, simply clean up

As per customer requests, this highbanker can be shovel fed by utilizing a smaller shovel. We have maintained the portability of these units. Keeping them still very backpackable.

Angle, pitch and water flow determines the speed at which the riffles clean.

This is accomplished with our adjustable legs.

Each leg is made from 18 gauge, cold rolled 5/8″ square tube. They are then machined with counter facing thru holes, spaced 1″ apart. By simply turning a leg 90 degree’s, allows the operator independent adjustment to each leg by 1/2″ increments. by utilizing “keeper pins”, we have eliminated the need for tools, and have removed the risk of stripping threads or loosing nuts and bolts all together. Pad feet allow for stable working conditions in the field as well as on the back porch or in your garage. Literally seconds to set up.

Support stand holds hopper section frim while loading gravels

Power Sluice comes complete including, 4’ feet of ¾” hose, tsunami t1200 1200gph pump, with 36” wire, 4.0 amp, with bucket hanger

Each kit, includes highbanker, legs/clips, pump and hose, hose clamps, and weighs just 15 lbs

Small compact size makes it easy to use anywhere.

The alluvial power sluice is a superior gold recovery machine in terms of accuracy, speed, portability & value when compared with similar products

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