19A3 Model Alluvial Sluice



19A3 Model Alluvial Sluice

Finally a clean up sluice, that is not a plastic gutter! process more material in less time than you can with a gold pan.

This is not a concentrator, this truly is a clean-up sluice for your concentrates.

This sluice is for 20-30 mesh and smaller.

With the alluvial sluice box we take advantage of a continuous slowing of water current, dropping more gold

The Alluvial effect creates a continuously lowering water pressure zone, allowing gold of different sizes and weights, to drop out of suspension at different intervals. There are no riffles to overload. this sluice box works by a constant capture system. Rather than using riffles that catch gold only at specific spots, we have focused on the entire length of the sluice box being one big capture element

Hello, Got the item 4 days later. Had it up and running pronto, went through a couple gallons of cons I had previously panned and screened and found several large flakes and numerous specks. Guess my panning skills suck, but hey, am new at this. I won’t be panning much from now on. Went high banking Sat and simply brought home the sluice clean-out stuff. Ran it through your machine, took several hours, but no cramped hands and I know I got it all. Even the tiniest specks sit in the first couple rows. Sure is fun to spot the color.
Many thanks, Nick

We have tried blue bowls, and long toms, ran our material through our sluice’s over and over again, even the trusty spiral wheel, all this ever seems to do is give us more dense material to pan through again. and time consuming!!! We needed something that we could visually see the gold once it is revealed, and an easy way for it to be removed.

We have for your consideration, a small portable, highly effective tool for extracting the gold from your concentrates

The alluvial sluice does a super cleanup faster than any blue bowl or spiral wheel concentrator’s. you will recover fine gold and nuggets…quickly.

This is what this sluice box is designed to do.

After many questions and request we have finally come up with the we have finally found a product that resists the abrasion of small course gravel’s.

Each measures 21″ x 9″ x 2

Small compact size makes it easy to use anywhere

Fits nicely in a 5 gallon bucket, with plenty of room for pump, hose and other tools

We have noticed that a lot of other gold recovery methods offered by others filter and work the gold bearing gravel to death. Using buckets, screens and a variety of interesting methods to finally reach your goal – GOLD! If this is what you like to do, stop, don’t buy this sluice box design.

If you’re looking for a much faster, quicker, easier way of extracting the gold from your concentrates the alluvial sluice is for you!

These are built of lightweight, rugged premium-grade aluminum. Does not use carpet, expanded metal, or miner’s moss that means cleaning and recovery are fast and easy. The black background shows high-contrast material such as gold very well. angle, pitch and water flow determines the speed at which the riffles clean. The result is superior recovery. the tapered, widening sides, allow for easy access with snuffer bottle.

98% of the sluice boxes out there are built straight. There is no flow difference from the start to the finish. the water’s velocity is the same from head to tail. Taken directly from mother nature is the concept of an alluvial fan, or plain. With the alluvial sluice box we take advantage of a continuous slowing of water current, dropping more gold, just like in nature, the dropping from suspension of heavier materials could not be more verified.

The design of the header box allows for control of water velocity and volume. control allows for a curtain of water to flow over entire surface area.

Aluminum ribbed “slick plate

Matting catches all fine gold.

Our “19a” model’s have a ribbed slick plate at the header for better mixing of water and concentrates. These ribs help to catch the smallest of gold while allowing for two contrasting colors.

The integrated water supply allows for a thin constant sheet of water to flow over ribbed matting.

With this clean up sluice you can recover any gold from your concentrates with ease, just add your concentrates, either wet or dry to the water near the header/cap. Allow for the blonds or lighter materials to wash away and watch as the gold and black sands stay put. we have developed this after many trial and error in an attempt to clean up our concentrates in a more productive and timely manner. Making sure we get all the gold. gold that is so fine that it looks and feels like flour or dust. Because gold is 19 times heavier than water and approximately 16.5 times heavier than rock (quartz) gravity separation can be accomplished. This trick allows the capture of very small gold particles. We flow all our materials over a ribbed matting at low velocity (slow water flow) and any flour gold–“the bread and butter of prospecting”–becomes trapped in the ribs.

Coarse gold and gold particles( Nuggets) are trapped in the different flow zones.

We have become so confident  in our little sluice we don’t really even pan any more, which allows us to process much more material/concentrates.

Alluvial Sluice is a superior gold recovery machine in terms of accuracy, speed, portability & value when compared with much slower or higher priced products.

We are not a huge manufacturing shop, we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. each is handmade. We started by trying to improve our methods of extracting the gold from our concentrates. after about the 10th generation of sluice, we settled on this design. when we broke this out at camp the first night of our last outing, we were swamped with onlookers and curiosity seekers.

The sluice or trough of these are made from 5052  16-gauge aluminum. It has a high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance, perfect for marine atmospheres. The header box, or cap contains the water delivery system which limit’s the amount of water and its surface thickness, producing a constant water flow, which controls pressure using the valve. shallow tapered sides make it easy to get in with a snuffer bottle. Standard ¾” hose connections make it simple to hook up to garden hose or 12 volt pump.

Even the rivets are aluminum so you can use a magnet on the black sand.

Made much in the spirit of a “miller table”, the concept is the same, flat smooth water surface with minimal slope of sluice/trough, for recovery of flour or gold dust. If you have ever panned for gold you know what it takes to get down to concentrates in a pan, then the time consuming swirling, and tapping and washing of the heavy’s and black sand.

You will be amazed at how much gold is still left in your black sands & concentrates.

Includes drilling template for 5 gallon bucket, 2 ¼” inch bolts with nuts, 3’ feet of  ¾” hose, ball valve, tsunami t500 pump, with 36” wire, rated 1.5 amp, with bucket hanger. Also includes operating instructions and care manual

We are not a huge manufacturing shop, we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. each is handmade.

Please contact us with any questions you might have and we will respond asap. remember, bid with confidence. If your not happy with any transaction, then we are not happy. we want every transaction to be an enjoyable experience for all of us.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 12 x 3 in
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Cleanup Sluice




19A Series


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