Combo 800 High Banker and Sluice


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Prospectors Choice Combo 800C5BK

Combination High Banker and Sluice Box.

Complete with stand, hopper section, flare and pump.

Everything you need to run gold bearing gravels in many different ways.

After many inquires into our straight sluices, we have combined many of the ways to wet process gold-bearing gravels and materials into one machine, the Combo 800 High Banker and Sluice Box.

We first start with our standard 8″ wide x 28″ long sluice with 3″ tall sides, combined with a flare for capturing more water, using as river sluice.

This can be used with or without the flare for different conditions on the river. Flare is easily removed and attached with simple bolts and wing nuts.

Material is added at the header which has a black ribbed assay matting.

Material then flows over 4 all steel, 1/2″ tall riffle’s, with attached raised expanded metal

All held in place with simple wing nuts, which can then be reversed to hold sluice in place when using as a river sluice.

Under all of this is our black ribbed carpeting, which does a really great job of catching and holding on to even the smallest pieces of gold

This unit can also be used as a Powered Sluice by attaching the “Hopper” section.  Water is supplied from the 800 gallon per hour 12 vdc pump.

This connects to the hopper section that is attached in place of the flare.

The hopper/header box, contains the water delivery system. The operator has the ability to process different types/sizes of material. The shallow tapered sides allow for easy access. Standard hose connections make it simple to hook up to supplied 12 volt pump. Can be run with continuous flow of water, such as from stream or other body of water. Also may be used as a recirculating sluice. The hopper classifies to 1/2″ and smaller using the 1/2″ flat expanded classifier which is then easily attached to the sluice body, requiring no tools, simply by removing the supplied wing nuts and bolts allows for the removal of the flare and replaced with a back cap.

Hopper section is quickly attached to sluice with supplied bolts and wing nuts.

This converts the sluice to a High Banker,

All of this can be mounted to our frame and legs system.

Angle, pitch and water flow determines the speed at which the riffles clean, and can be done with our adjustable legs.

Each leg is made from 18 gauge, cold rolled 5/8″ square tube. They are then machined with counter facing thru holes, spaced 1″ apart. By simply turning a leg 90 degree’s, allows the operator independent adjustment to each leg by 1/2″ increments. By utilizing “keeper pins,” we have eliminated the need for tools, and have removed the risk of stripping threads or loosing nuts and bolts altogether. Pad feet allow for stable working conditions in the field as well as on the back porch or in your garage.  Literally seconds to set up.

Made from lightweight, rugged premium grade, 5052 16 gauge (1/16”) aluminum. It has a high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance, making it perfect for marine atmosphere.

The Combo 800C5BK comes complete including:

• 8×28″ sluice, with flare and hopper section,
• 4’ feet of 3/4″ hose,
• Tsunami T800 pump, 3.0 amp, with 36” wire, with bucket hanger,
• legs/clips, hose clamps
Weighs just 20 lbs.

Standard hose connections make it simple to hook up to supplied 12 volt pump. Can be run with continuous flow of water, such as from stream or other body of water. Also maybe used as a recirculating sluice by adding a tub or buckets.

Small compact size makes it easy to use anywhere.

The Prospectors Choice Combo800C5BK sluice and high banker makes a great, unique gift idea, for Fathers Day, birthday, anniversary, christmas gift, or any other special day.

We are not a huge manufacturing shop; we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. Each is handmade.

Please contact us with any questions you might have and we will respond ASAP. If you’re not happy for any reason, then we are not happy. We want every transaction to be an enjoyable experience for all of us.

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Weight 16.15 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 16 x 7 in


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Combination Highbanker/Sluice, Highbanker, Power Sluice, River Sluice




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