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After many requests from folks around the world, we have finally finished with the testing of our latest design. With the smaller expanded metal and the rod riffle design, all incorporated into our Alluvial Sluice Box Design, we have created a sluice that is ideal for running smaller gravels. These units are perfect for beach boxes and streams with fine gold. These sluices are intended for classified 1/8″ material and smaller, while still handling material up to 1/4″. These are available with either rubber matting or carpet.

Explorer 23 River Sluice Box

The sluice is 23” long (30” with flare) 8 1/2” wide with 3” tall sides , and weighs 15 lbs, 15 oz.

Inspired by Mother Nature

The Explorer 23 River Sluice Box takes advantage of a continuous slowing of the water current, causing more gold to deposit out, increasing your efficiency, giving you back more time for fishing, hiking, drinking, what have you.

We started by trying to improve our methods of extracting the gold from our concentrates. After about the 10th generation of sluice, we settled on our unique design.

Our design in different from the other 98% of the sluice boxes out there that are built straight. There is no flow difference from the start to the finish. The water’s velocity is the same from head to tail.  We looked to Mother Nature’s concept of an Alluvial Fan, or Plain, to come up with a much better method of extracting gold.

Prospectors Choice Alluvial design takes advantage of a continuously slowing water current, and just like in nature, drops more gold in less time.

The Alluvial effect creates a continuously lowering water pressure zone, allowing gold of different sizes and weights to drop out of suspension at different intervals. This sluice box works by a constant capture system. We have focused on the entire length of the sluice box as being one big capture element.

Made for easy transport, set up, and clean up… and a long lifetime of use

The Explorer 23 River Sluice Box  trough is made from lightweight, rugged, premium-grade 5052 16-gauge (1/16’) aluminum. It has a high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance, perfect for marine atmospheres. Both the riffle tray, and the raised 1/4″ expanded, are steel. Solid welds ensure a long life time of use.

How it works

Upon entering the alluvial sluice, the material instantly lands on a heavy duty assay matting, made of ribbed rubber matting.

The material then flows over our rod-style riffles, backed by black ribbed carpet.

This style of riffle allows for easy clearing of gravels, while still capturing even the smallest pieces of Gold.

The black background shows high-contrast material such as gold very well.

Hinged riffle design makes clean up quick and easy.

Compact size makes clean up into a pan, bucket or tub simple and easy.

Explorer family of rivers sluices

As with all of our Alluvial Sluices, the Explorer model comes in three sizes: 24 inch (23), 36 inch (36), and 48 inch (48).

The Explorer 23 River Sluice Box offered by Prospectors Choice is a superior gold recovery design in terms of accuracy, speed, portability & value when compared with similar products.

We are not a huge manufacturing shop, we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. each is handmade.

FAQs on riffles answered here.


NOTE: the 151 drywasher model is being replaced by the new Keene 151S drywasher and may require extended lead times before shipment.


The original Keene 151 Dry Washer is one of the big boy’s of drywashers. 2-3 adult men can pretty much shovel non stop into this beast and not clog it up. You can recover gold in the desert, dry river beds or any gold bearing area. This amazing drywasher can recover fine gold even in ground too damp for other drywashers to handle. Another amazing thing about this big unit is the fact that it will recover micro fine gold in addition to nuggets.

The Keene 151 drywasher uses three processes at the same time to recover gold. Electrostatic concentration occurs because the high-velocity air flowing through the unit creates an electrical charge which attracts and holds gold to the riffle tray cloth like a magnet. The same airflow then holds the material in suspension allowing the heavier materials to sink into the riffles where it is caught. The adjustable oscillating vibrator shakes the material at the same time further helping the gold to sink.

The Keene hot air induction blower helps create static electricity and allows you to run material that is damp. High velocity air passes through the concentrator creating an electrostatic charge to attract gold and other metalliferous values. The hot air from the engine is ducted into the radial blower, preheating the air and concentrator to 50 degrees above ambient making it possible to process a higher capacity of material and increases the electrostatic charge. An adjustable oscillation system creates increased vibration and air flow at lower engine speeds which increases fine gold production, especially in damp ground conditions. Equipped with an extra large hopper for greater capacity while steeper sides prevent material build up. The folding frame makes this model a dream for quick and easy set up. Net weight 75 lbs / ship weight about 115 lbs.

Features improved riffle design and vibration action. improving fine gold recovery and production. New riffle design also provides greater convenience for quick and easy cleanups.

Engine: 4.5 HP Honda

Radial Blower: 4″ x 2000 CFM

Discharge Hose: 8′ x 4″ Vinyl Hose

Fuel Capacity: 1 Quart

Fuel Consumption: 1 Gallon Per 3 Hours

HIGH Capacity: Exceeds 2 Tons Per Hour

Features a 4.5hp Honda engine with hot air induction to make working with damp material easier and much more productive.

Delivery info: This unit is in very high demand and subject to unannounced back-order. Delays of 3-6 weeks are common. If you require delivery by a certain date you are required to inform us at time of order. These units are made upon order and are considered special order items. We are charged in advance by the mfg. for these items. As such, there will be no cancellations of orders due to delivery time issues unless you inform us in writing of a need by date in advance. Please plan your purchase accordingly and allow extra time for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 24 x 16 in
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